A 6'3" former nightclub General Manager in the Los Angeles, CA market, C.J. Graham was spotted as a potential Jason Voorhees for Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives when he was playing Jason in a night club act, impressing the casting people from Reel Effects who were in search of a new Jason since the stuntman wasn't coming across as imposing or powerful as they had hoped for. C.J. Graham even performed "all" of the character's stunts, underwater and being set on fire to name a few.  He reprised this role for Alice Cooper's video for "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)", which was written for and featured in the film.

​C.J. Graham was scheduled in the role of Friday the 13th Part VII.  Kane Hodder, who had worked with the Director of Part VII was very interested and convinced them to give him the role. Kane Hodder went on to do Friday the 13th Part VII through Part X.

As of 2018, C.J. Graham has only played one other role – he appeared in the horror film Highway To Hell as the main antagonist, a heavily made-up, silent monster called the HellCop. 

C.J., along with the likes of Steve Dash, will be appearing in the Friday the 13th Fan Film "F13 Vengeance" as the role of Elias Voorhees (Jason Voorhees's father). He is also scheduled to appear in the movie "13 Fanboy" - directed by Friday the 13th Part V star, Deborah Voorhees.

​You can find C.J. at most horror conventions around the world, as he enjoys meeting his fans. Jason Voorhees has become a global icon brand known throughout the world. C.J. Graham has respect for all the actors/stuntman who played Jason and their contribution to the iconic brand.

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